Pellissippi State Funding Goals 2010 - 2015

Performance Funding Goals developed by Pellissippi State and approved by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for 2010-2015 are:
Performance Funding Goals for Pellissippi State

Standard 1A
- Student Learning: General Education
  1. Assessment: College Base Scores
  2. Institutional average compared to national average for reference group or institutional average compared to previous year institutional average.
Standard 1B. Student Learning: Major Field Assessment
  1. Compared to national reference group average or institution's previous score
  2. New Major Field Test list
  3. Test Fall and Spring graduates (no Summer)
  4. Annual Licensure test reporting for engineering, teacher education, and health-related fields
Standard 1C. Accreditation and Evaluation
  1. Accreditation
  2. Program Review
  3. Academic Audit
Standard 1D. Comprehensive Satisfaction: Survey of Student Engagement, Alumni and Employers
  1. Student Engagement Survey
    1. CCSSE administered in randomly selected classes during 2010-11 Spring and 2014-15 Spring semesters
    2. Scoring for CCSSE Surveys determined by the administration
  2. Alumni Survey
    1. New Alumni Survey in 2011-12
    2. New Survey aligned with CCSSE
  3. Employer Satisfaction Project
    1. Administer 2012-13
  4. Comprehensive Satisfaction
    1. Administer 2015-16
Standard 1E. Job Placement
  1. Job Placement Rate
Standard 1F. Assessment Implementation
  1. Focus on Assessment While Developing a QEP or SLI
Standard 2A. Quality of Student Access and Success
  1. Progress through improving success of selected student and populations

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